I started blogging on this website in May 2012 after my husband was diagnosed with melanoma. I'm a publication consultant and freelance writer based in Washington, D.C. If you're looking for my business website, formerly located at www.by-words.com, it's temporarily unavailable as we prepare to move the content from it to the Editing & Publishing tab on this website. Feel free to use the "contact" tab on this website if you have questions about my business.

You'll find other subjects covered here but none as frequently as our melanoma story. As life returns to "normal," I hope to get back to working on this site, with an eye toward consolidating the two.

Tabula Rasa

When I closed down the website I used previously for business purposes, I intended to create a new presence for my business here at hazelbecker.com. I had agreed to work again after a two-year hiatus, thinking I would take on a small publication development project for Bloomberg BNA and then decide how to spend my professional time – the hours each day when I don’t pretend to be retired.

A clean check-up - and an update on advances in melanoma research

Even if 3 ½ years is not a milestone generally marked in cancer survival, we came away from our visit with Dr. Evan Lipson at Johns Hopkins University Hospital yesterday with smiles and relief on two fronts. Not only does Robert continue to show no evidence of disease after his primary melanoma was removed in June 2012, but the report we heard on progress in melanoma research since his diagnosis is exciting and encouraging.

Still N.E.D. - and an update on melanoma research

Our annual trips to Johns Hopkins for Robert’s participation in a follow-up study after his melanoma vaccine trial have become fairly routine. Leave about 7 a.m., check in by 8:30, CT scan and brain MRI, go see the blood-sucker, fit in lunch somewhere along the way, and then see Dr. Lipson early in the afternoon. Today we were home about 2:30. Easy up, easy back, and no news is good news. No evidence of disease.


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