I started blogging on this website in May 2012 after my husband was diagnosed with melanoma. I'm a publication consultant and freelance writer based in Washington, D.C. If you're looking for my business website, formerly located at www.by-words.com, it's temporarily unavailable as we prepare to move the content from it to the Editing & Publishing tab on this website. Feel free to use the "contact" tab on this website if you have questions about my business.

You'll find other subjects covered here but none as frequently as our melanoma story. As life returns to "normal," I hope to get back to working on this site, with an eye toward consolidating the two.

A new look!

At last, the beginnings of a new theme for my website! I am approaching the point where I want to migrate content from by-words.com to this website, and I've created a tab for Editing & Publishing, my business (officially now known as Hazel Becker, Editing & Publishing LLC). Progress ... but yes, a work in progress!

A wrinkle about scan times

A common theme on melanoma discussion forums is frustration with the length of time between scans when when patients are on the “watch and wait” regimen after being told there is no evidence of disease. It’s been bugging me lately – probably because I needed to have something to stew about to ward off scanxiety as we approach Robert’s six-month scans in early June.


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